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Who We Are


Alison Rhodes – Safety Mom Solutions was founded by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom.  Alison lost her first child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 1997. Since then, she has become a tireless advocate for child safety. Her second son has intellectual disabilities and has motivated Alison to become involved in the special needs’ community.   Alison is also the adult child of a father with Alzheimer’s so understands all too well the issues that caregivers face ensuring their loved one’s stay safe in their home.

Along with Alison, the team is made up of a dedicated and passionate team of experts, all of whom are parents (two with multiples!)

Stephanie Goodman-Taylor – Stephanie joined Safety Mom Solutions in 2003 and is the driving force behind the company.  Her attention to detail and high quality standards are matched only by her care and compassion for each client.  Stephanie works closely with each client to be sure that each job is done to their complete satisfaction. 

Chris Benedict – Chris has been with Safety Mom Solutions since the inception and is our lead installer.  Chris is a master at putting clients at ease and explaining each aspect of an installation in detail.  His professional, easy-going and personable manner has prompted many clients to call in to express their appreciation for his work and refer us to many other happy clients.

Elizabeth Buckner, R.N. – Elizabeth has specialized in geriatric care for over fifteen years in addition to being an EMT.  She advises the company on the myriad of issues facing seniors who wish to remain in an independent living situation and those who are returning home after rehabilitation.   Currently she is a maternity nurse and works closely with new moms prior to leaving the hospital.

Safety Mom Solutions is a member of the International Association for Child Safety and SAFE Kids.
We are fully Insured.